Review – A healthy economy should be designed to thrive, not grow(Kate Raworth | TED2018)

I will not write about the relationship between the development and the natural environment because I know only a few things about it. Instead, I would like to talk about the tendency of pursuing the economic development. I believe that the public’s obsession of macroeconomic indicators are derived from the people’s desire of belonging to a great country. Thus, relatively poorer countries are easier to seek the macroeconomic indicator. However, after the country developed enough, people realized that the macroeconomic factors could not not matched with their micro-real life.

I think that my country is in phase of realizing the gap of macro factors and micro real lives. However, I believe that macroeconomic factors are still significant to Koreans in many points. All individuals still decide the condition of the economy by referring to the macro factors. It could be possible that even they realize that macro factors are not really effective to explain their individual life, people are still doing it because they have done it in the past. The question is why they fail to find alternative ways?

About that question, I want to mention that we still live in a high-competitive society. In particular, we always want to live a better life. Better life is the relative concept, which is decided by other individuals’ condition. Thus, living better is meant that I live in better condition than others. I believe that the basic of this concept is constituted by the anxiety. It could be the human nature of seeking new and better things in their whole life and maybe that is the impetus of innovation and creativity. However, honestly, I do not know. There is not one explain about human’s fundamental nature yet. I just believe that developing is required the anxiety to override other values.

Another question is how many of people comprehend their own anxiety? I can presume that they are aware of their apprehension because there are numbers of researches proving people are suffering from the mind pressure. However, it is hard to grasp that what the true anxiety is and what is signified. Sometimes it seems like we cannot apprehend the anxiety because we are not able to know what is beyond the anxiety. In other words, we cannot imagine that what our life looks like if there is no anxiety in our life since the anxiety is already a part of our consciousness.

In this regard, I would want to argue that we should attempt to understand our motivations and impetuses of life. It is tempting because I do not know how to do it yet and I cannot imagine it easily, which means that this is a field of blue ocean. Otherwise, I’m the one who have not studied in assiduously way.


Question : How much we can believe the result of the social science research?

It is not difficult to find previous researches which embedded specific perspectives or prejudice such as the research about the inferiority countries or races. This fact surprises us because it implies that intellectuals accepted that knowledge at that time. It is hard to say that they were distinctly inferior than us in intelligent since we are the same human. Then, how could it have happened?. Could we assure that we are different from them?

Supposedly that you found an interesting result from your research at about two hundred years ago. Your research discovered that half of the people in the whole world are inferior compared with the other half. Moreover, the paper reveals that which distinguishing factors they have. Lots of researchers and professors had tried to criticize your research, but they failed to find the leaps of logic in methodology. Your research discovered that generally men are superior as an employee than women. Perhaps unfortunately, your methodology was appropriate at that period and no one can criticize it since it was fact that men produces more products than women in general at the working place at that time.

Now, we can easily criticize that research. We can say that research failed to build a proper model for the analysis. It could be possible that the reason why women are inefficient as an employee at that time was not their inferiority but their lacking of opportunity to get an appropriate education or care. We can add plenty of factors which the research did not consider because we know now as common sense.

However, the problem is sometimes we don’t know yet and we have not realized the fact that we don’t know. The knowledge of social science is considered as a common sense quickly and easily because usually it is not complex after we discovered it completely. Understanding social scientific knowledge could be liken to overcome the boundary. We even cannot imagine what exists beyond what we know before, but once we found and pass the boundary, it is not very hard to do it again. Problem is that it is very hard to find and overcome boundary once.

Furthermore, sometimes we don’t feel that we need to consider beyond what we know since we already have the sense of purpose. It is clearly improper as a mental attitude for researchers but it could happen. For example, if you were an owner of big farm two hundred years ago, you would accept the research which you found and hire only men in your firm. You don’t have to be curious why this results are found if the methodology they used was proper.

For these reasons, we can bring up the question that how much we can believe the social scientific research’s results. We can argue that this problem is something not mostly explained by the propriety of methodology. It could be more relevant with the philosophical perspectives and knowledge of social science.

As I suppose, one thing we can do for this problem is keep considering the possibilities that our model of research could be wrong and keep discussing with a variety of people. I believe that it is too hard to overcome our boundary of perception by ourselves. It could induce us to have an experience which passes our boundary once.

The reason why I choose to live as a student.

Especially in my country, having no income at the age of thirty is deemed as a sin and I was not an exception. My parents always warn me that you could fail if you will not have a job in late thirties. Although they gave advice to me in a harsh way, I could understand their true intention. They just love me too much and they just have lived as a Korean person their whole life.    Eventually, I chose to study more, which means that I would live as a student my whole life. Maybe I will always study for the rest of my time and I may not have lucrative job because my studies might not be related with a profitable field. It is true that sometimes I feel a little jealous from my friends and peers. Usually now they have an appropriate job and are saving their money for their future wedding. Some of them could be a father and mother within three years. Of course, they have their own problems and concerns but they manage their life well in a stable way.    Perhaps I will not be able to marry until forty and perhaps I will not be able to have a baby because I will be too old when I will be ready. It is clear that I chose the way that I live the life, but not in regular way. Someone might argue that there is no right and regular life course but in here, at least in my country, m still young to worry about fail in life, we have it. However, I chose to live as a student. It is because that I believe being student might give me the ability to feel free from the restrictions. I always imagine that the life which is what I can be anything as I want. For this, the thing I need is not money but the ability in learning. I need to improve it because I think I still do not have that ability properly.

Big data analyses do not give us the emancipation from the theories.

Sometimes my colleagues ask me to do big data analyses with their data. In my case, the data they give to me is hard to say that is Big data. However, that would be not the biggest problem. The hardest problem of their request is they usually do not have their own theories about their data.

It is distinct that what they are expecting from the analyses. “Something intriguing and also brilliant, which only Big data analyses can render.” I believe that it is true that Big data analyses lead us to the more extended dimension of data analyses. However, it cannot give us exemption from having hypotheses about the data.

I can assure that Big data analyses can give us a lot of clues which would be helpful to make our own theories because this can offer us the general features about the data in a fancy way. Thus, it is not entirely absurd that my colleagues expect that Big data analyses might discover up-to-date theories from the data, which they can’t figure out without the analyses.

The problem is, in many cases, I can’t comprehend the meaning of the data which they offered and my colleagues can’t understand what the results of the analyses mean. Most of all, if I can’t apprehend the data, I can’t decide which analyses I should use and how much level of analyses are required.

If I had the knowledge about the subjects, maybe I can figure out what kind of analyses are needed. Thus, when I was asked to conduct the analyses with business data, it is easier to build the model of the analysis since the purpose of the analysis is apparent. However, if I encountered the data which has academic purpose, it feels like it is in out of my control.

Maybe that is why two-way experts are promising and also maybe that is why I should not stop studying in my whole life…

Could DeMar DeRozan develop his level more in next season?

I’m one of the fan of the DeMar DeRozan. I like him not only because of his splendid moves but also his work ethic. He have not been an strong vocal leader in his team but he have been an faithful ace player all the time. Maybe there are only few people who expected him that he could be a NBA representative player in later. He anneal himself in every seasons and verify that he could be better to the whole fans of NBA league. He raises up his volume of the records and complements his drawback. He always have been criticized by people because of the lacking of the 3 point shot. Everyone knows that it is not easy to be competent in 3 point shot for who does not have it before. Maybe that is why that many people of NBA fans did not have big expectation for him to be an super star in NBA league. But he did. he overcame himself in previous seasons.

In the first year of San antonio Spurs team, he was good enough. He changed his style again with focusing on 2 point shot and seeking assist pass to his teammates. Although a lot of people expected that San antonio Spurs might fail to enter the playoff in this season, but they did with DeMar DeRozan’s successful performances. However, unfortunately, they defeated by Denver nuggets which has many of young and talented players with close matches.

It is hard to imagine that San antonio Spurs will give up the next season to get a high number of draft pick for futures. That is not what they are. However, their salary cap is almost filled and they does not have big market which can overpay the salary cap. Therefore, it may be the best scenario to maintain the current line-up and improve their ability. Actually, that is what the San antonio Spurs always have done this way.

However, the team’s ace, Demar Derozan, is not young anymore. He is in thirty now, which is hard to be expected that he can improve himself better than last season. Generally, NBA fans believe that the ability of the body decreased dramatically after thirty age. Moreover, Demar Derozan’s playing style is swing man, which is required comparative advantages with his defenders.

Even though all of conditions are not really amiable to him, I desperately want to believe that he can overcome himself again like what he have done in his whole life. It may because that I’m also in age thirty and I really don’t want to accept that age thirty is not the period to prepare new things or complement my weaknesses. I still want to believe myself that this is not my limitation and I can do better and be better regardless of the age. If he proves himself again even in next year, I will be willing to be a his biggest fan.

Review – Big data is better data (Kenneth Cukier | TEDSalon Berlin 2014)

It already has been five years after this TED talk was presented. Thus, many of the presentation’s insights which had very incisive perspectives at that time could be considered as commonsense now. However, we can learn lots of things from this presentation about the Big data era.

One of the noticeable things he mentioned was Big data is not just meant that the increasing of the available data but the extension of the dimension that we can comprehend. It might imply that more amount of data would arouse the tipping point effect, which means that the quantitative change causes the qualitative change. There are already a lot of attempts to use this change in data science field and also in the business area. However, there are still lots of areas that the new trendy analysis was not used yet. I believe this is the where the new-creative ideas are required.

Most of all, in this day, individuals have the instrument which can operate the big mount of data analyses. Our laptop can proceed the big data analysis even in the external servers such as Amazon or Google’s one. Moreover, the free program languages such as R and pythons are always available. Therefore, using Big data is not restricted only for the experts but also for individuals who want to analysis it. It is also meant that we may have to know about the basic principle of the Big data analyses because it could be similar with when the internet was implied in our daily lives. At that time, understanding the internet was essential even we did not use it frequently since almost everything started to be connected with the internet.

As he mentioned, one of the biggest changing fields is the labor market. The presenter likens this situation to the industrial Revolution. For example, a lot of jobs might be disappeared since the developed A.I can replace it. It could bring chaos for a long time. It may be inevitable to consider this situation seriously for the whole world. When the industrial Revolution occurred, lots of people suffered from it and eventually, we found the new form and rules in society after all the suffering. Maybe, we don’t have to suffer anymore from the changing of the era because we already had it before. I believe that we can prepare for it if we truly and sufficiently consider the coming of the new era.

Review – Could your language affect your ability to save money?(Keith Chen | TEDGlobal 2012)

As I know, structural linguists have argued that language which we use constitutes our concepts and mind. Personally, I agree with that theory and today I saw a very intriguing presentation about it.

His hypothesis was that language’s trait might have an effect on people’s behavior. He describes that people behave differently depending on which language they use. He assumes that people who use grammatically futureless language save more than people who do not. He supposes that the language which grammatically distinguish the tense nudges people to consider separately with present and future. Thus, they tend to not save their money because saving is present decision which is for a future-oriented purpose. On the contrary, people who use the language which has grammar does not distinguish the tense, so they consider the future and present are identical. Therefore, he presumed that people’s saving attitudes differ according to the language which they use.

Impressive part of his research was how he figured out about it. Since comparing separate countries’ savings according to which language, they use is hardly convincing because every country has their own culture and also, they might share common traits according to the language. For instance, it is possible that people who live in the countries which use the English language which has the tense in grammar tend to save less money because their countries have a stable pension system. Therefore, he researched the people who live in the same country but use different language. There are some countries which have two common languages in the world and these countries are suitable in his research because the people share the same circumstance except the language. The result of the research validates his hypothesis, which means that people who use the futureless language tend to save more than people who use another one even if they live in the same country and share the similar living environment such as religion or job or gender.

However, it is hard to consider that his research is unarguable because there would be factors, he failed to find out yet. Though it is also hard to say that his research was not brilliant and was not a novel attempt. We can refer to his research and develop his main idea of the research or complement the vulnerable points with another way. However, still, it is distinct that his research greatly influences on our views.

One thing I agonize about is how can accept the results of this research. It might let us consider the people who use the specific language has common nature which may regarded as a drawback or merit. Even if that is the true, I think it is hazard that consider specific people because they share some common particular trait. This might be the seed of discrimination. Therefore, we should consider what kind of consequences might be caused by our research.